November 30, 2012

Iwata CM SB cleaner mod

Iwata's are great airbrushes, but they don't fit well in many cleaning pots, because the air duct kind of slopes into the front end that is partly outside of the cylindrical main housing. Most cleaning pots are designed to accommodate cylinder shaped airbrushes that have no protruding parts outside the main housing. There's a simple solution to modify them.

Left side of the Iwata CM SB

I cut two slots in a short piece of tube for electrical wiring; a wide slot on the left to fit the plug for left handed siphon placement and a narrower slot on the right side to accommodate the siphon stub.

Right side of the Iwata CM SB

Below is a shot of the modified tube not containing the airbrush.

Modified tube for electric wiring

I drilled two holes of the proper diameter and sawed out the slots with a baby saw. Then I filed the wholes to a slightly oval shaped towards the top of the tube. The weight of the airbrush and air hose will tilt the airbrush' fitting and siphon stub toward the top so that the gun will not fall out of the tube by accident.